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You can see that passion in everything Malta WhatsApp Number List he does, he clearly has fun making videos and that makes him authentic. Ultimately, though, the success of his content revolves around combining that authenticity with Malta WhatsApp Number List consistent execution. 6. Book Marketing Socrates on Sneakers Elke Wiss published her book Socrates on Sneakers in March 2020 , a philosophical guide to asking good questions.

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The book became a bestseller and came in at number 1 in Management boek, was nominated as Best Spiritual Book 2021 and received a lot of media Malta WhatsApp Number List attention. The result is that almost 80,000 copies have been sold and that counter will continue for a while. This is an exceptionally great success for a Dutch non-fiction book. The marketing of the book therefore Malta WhatsApp Number List already started while writing. Because already during writing she shared a large part of the content of the book. And shared Malta WhatsApp Number List experiences during the writing process.

This through blogs and social media Malta WhatsApp Number List posts, among other things. She received many reactions to that content, which she could partly use in her book. She also made a website for the book, with several free downloads. All in all something about her book could Malta WhatsApp Number List found in many places. In a podcast interview she even mentioned that she might have shared. Everything in her book for free socrates on sneakers Give more away!

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