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Podcast on digital marketing. We have the most relevant guests in our sector and we interview them in depth to learn about Russia Phone Number marketing strategies, success stories or outstanding actions, and of course also discuss the big questions in our sector. We interview antonio soto, director of ecommerce, digital and media in spain at lg, who tells us about smart tvs, artificial intelligence in household appliances and the user experience. He also reveals lg’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, with its smart green challenge. Let’s start with the interview! Do you want to know what marketing strategies are being carried out by experts in the sector? Click here and discover all the episodes of our marketing answers podcast. Marketing answers_antonio soto interview what is the most relevant digital marketing

Trend for You That Is Coming Up Russia Phone Number

Trend for you that is coming up? We are all used to hearing that marketing trends such as automation, data, iot, etc. Are coming. Apart Russia Phone Number
from this, I firmly believe and trust that the subject of connected television is going to give a lot to talk about. The reality is that not everyone has connected and smart televisions yet. Today we continue to market television in a linear fashion. Are we going to market advertising on the big screen the same way we do digital? I think it will change the way we do marketing, also linked to a future without cookies. Let’s see what we come up with to continue impacting the user more effectively. So my bet is connected tv and how we are going to adapt to an environment where cookies do not exist. What is your go-to book, podcast, or digital marketing channel? When I started with

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All This a Few Years Ago Russia Phone Number

All this, a few years ago, I learned a lot in a self-taught way, from all the content that is on the network. I have special affection for the 40defebre blog , which is very seo-oriented. They helped me a lot in this Russia Phone Number topic and in the trial and error. Today there isn’t a morning that I don’t read marketing 4 ecommerce or marketing news and for a few months now I’ve been getting into listening to podcasts. I could recommend yours, inspiring mondays , I don’t miss any monday, or en.Digital , or marketing4ecommerce . One of the great challenges of lg electronics has been to apply artificial intelligence to consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, robots, household appliances and televisions. How has this improved the user experience? What lessons are you learning at the data level and how will this help you


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