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SEO (search engine optimization) means putting a web page in search results in order to receive organic traffic from searchers. There hasn’t been a day when billions of people have not typed certain queries. Into search engines to find useful information. To be precise google alone receives over 40,000 queries per second! The number of searches increases exponentially. Giving websites a large audience that they can potentially convert into repeat visitors or paying customers. Learning the rules for getting to the top of search results and complying with those rules is what seo is all about.


How does the search work?

When you open a search engine and type the query you are interested in, you will see the list of the first 10 results which can be organized in different ways. This is  Saudi Arabia Phone Number List  called the SERP (search engine results page). There may be more than 10 results if the SERP includes paid ads displayed above, below, or to the right of the organic results.

Where a page ranks among the results is its search engine ranking and the higher the ranking, the more trust the page has and probably the more relevant it is to the query. To define the order of pages to appear, search engines evaluate hundreds of ranking factors, which we will discuss later. The ranking process happens organically: unlike paid ads, you can’t pay Google or other engines to place a website higher or re-evaluate it more regularly.


If you are an active searcher who knows and notices all the features of the search results page and the differences


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between different types of queries, you can skip this part and move on to the crawling and indexing section. For now, let’s see how the different types of searches work. The clearer the query, the greater the chances of finding the right information quickly. For example if you format your query as a question. You’ll likely get lots of serp features (which are distinctive blocks of information that help navigate the search).



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