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What is a well-written text? First of all, it is your expertise and your ability to create clear, reasoned, useful and interesting content. Other than that, it should be error free and easy to read. And don’t forget the styling. After all, it’s so hard to read a lifestyle blog written in academic and complex language. Errors, bad style, bad choice of words, they can cause a reader to abandon your articles, no matter how useful they are.

Grammar and spell checking tools can help you eliminate errors and create quality texts without much difficulty. They automate the process for all kinds of authors, from bloggers to academic writers. More importantly, they can also be very useful for SEO experts. You won’t be able to get a #1 ranking on Google if you post low-quality texts with lots of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Grammarly is available online: you can work

Grammarly is available online: you can work in a separate window or install an extension. With the extension, the tool will check the content you create everywhere online: from social South Africa Phone Number List  networks to emails. The best thing about it is that it finds all types of errors, whether it’s a misused word or bad sentence structure. After registering, you can add words to your personal dictionary and choose the dialect of your choice. Those who wish to use all features can purchase the Premium version.

This was a very generic explanation of how search  works as seen by


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This was a very generic explanation of how search  works as seen by users. Now let’s dive into the inner mechanics of search as it is performed by search engines. The process of establishing that a certain web page is available on the web is called crawling. Simply put crawling means being visited and crawled. By a search enginesearch engines act as directories of all existing websites but as you can imagine. They have to constantly update their databases there are over 1.7 billion sites. With over 500,000 added every day. So how does a search engine know that a webpage exists.

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