Development And Realization

Of course we want everyone to have a good experience on our website, people with and Cameroon WhatsApp Number List without disabilities. In this article I share our experiences with this process. Making existing website accessible turned out to be impossible Where are we standing right now? Where do we have to go? How do we start? And will the performance of the website not be jeopardized by Cameroon WhatsApp Number List the requested changes? Those were the first questions that came to mind.

Testing Party, Who Was Also Available

Through our trade association ZKN, we were able to have an accessibility Cameroon WhatsApp Number List quick scan performed on our website by Cardan Technobility. The website was scanned based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). That is the current Cameroon WhatsApp Number List requirement that government websites must meet.

The bottlenecks turned out to be very different from Cameroon WhatsApp Number List what we initially thought. We expected to add features, such as a read-aloud function or a choice of larger letters. Much of it turned out to be a matter of ‘tight programming and communication’. We could not realize that on the existing website. When the building of a new website came up a few months later, we picked up the subject after all.

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