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Facilitate the meetings online as well, for example by organizing virtual breakout sessions and speed dating in the program to which the physical audience is also lured. You can do this, for example, by virtually inviting speakers here to talk afterwards. Often, after the program, the live stream is quickly Estonia WhatsApp Number List cut off and the virtual platform closed. Keep this open and accessible to everyone until the day after the event and also make sure you take the time zones of the visitors into account.

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One of the biggest buzzwords at the moment is of course the metaverse, which I wrote about earlier and which according to Forbes is ‘the next big things for events and conferences’. I have experimented extensively with this myself recently. From organizing an event to hosting one in the metaverse. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have hard conference room walls, so you can design a virtual event space yourself.

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Will you make the area a big Frank watching green area with roaming virtual panthers? Or do you have the editors virtually sing a welcome song when you check in? You can really let loose as a creative person. But therein lies the challenge. The technology is still very new and therefore it will take a lot of time to fully work out and develop something like this. In addition, I also see a lot of users playing around with simply participating through VR glasses.

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