A Tongue-In-Cheek Look Ukraine Phone Number At Being A Business Owner

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Don’t Wear Boring Ukraine Phone Number Clothes To Work

Did grandma get you another tie with cats on it for Christmas? What are you waiting for? Rock that awesome accessory! Hell, take it to the next level and wear some socks with pictures of tacos on them too. Trust us, this is what Ukraine Phone number people want to see. It helps to stimulate the brain and make your staff more productive. Forget to pay them, fill their cubicles with packing peanuts, tell them they’re fired and make them cry. Employees LOVE when you make the work place fun. Not only should you remember birthdays but you should help them celebrate at work. Hire a Singing Telegram dressed as a scary clown, throw a pie in their face when Ukraine Phone Number they are on an important call… These are things that make birthdays memorable.

Do Make Your Employees Ukraine Phone Number Work A Lot Of Overtime

Trust us, employees LOVE working overtime, especially on Friday nights or over the weekend. They love it even more when you don’t pay them extra to do it too! You can return some of them, but not ALL of them. You never want to seem too eager or available. That would be silly. Seriously, you should be doing this every day. Actually, take it a step Ukraine Phone Number further and just give them your credit card and let them go to lunch. It helps bring up the morale in the workplace. (Another fun tip: Eat their food in the refrigerator as much as possible. That cracks people up!) Why would anyone want a holiday off anyways? Also, it’s easier to drive to work on holidays because everyone is at home, so you are actually doing them a favor. You’re such a extraordinary boss.

Do Always ‘Reply All’ On All Ukraine Phone Number

It helps everyone stay in constant contact and it gives them a lot of notifications on their phone. That is what people in a booming workplace prefer. Also, try to send as many group texts as possible. It’s all about Ukraine Phone Number constant communication. Who are we kidding? You should absolutely add all clients AND coworkers to your personal social media accounts. And after you do, make sure to update them as often as possible about things like your political views, when you are at the gym, and when you are drinking coffee. Spend the extra money and time to make sure your work space properly represents your brand. Hanging pictures of 80s Boy Bands… painting all the walls bright green… using bean bag chairs instead of couches wherever possible. These are things that clients will notice and love.

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