A Guide to Marketing for the Norway Phone Number Grand Re-Opening

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1. Inform Norway Phone Number Often

Since early March, it feels like government regulations for businesses have been changing on a weekly, if not daily basis. Aside from the mandated restrictions. Businesses have put in place their own set of guidelines to keep customers safe and instill peace-of-mind. Things like whether or not a mask is required, altered hours of operation, store capacity limits, and Norway Phone number other health precautions have a direct impact on what type of experience a customer should expect when patronizing a business. For example, if you’re advertising for a salon that requires a mask, you don’t want customers who are unprepared to drive Norway Phone Number to your store only to realize that they can’t even come in.

2. Be Norway Phone Number Positive

Between the economy, politics, and of course, the pandemic that just seems to keep sticking around, people are looking for something that makes them feel positive and optimistic about Norway Phone Number the future. At the very least, a pleasant, momentary distraction is always welcome. The idea of “being positive” seems cliché, but there is a reason clichés persist. Nobody is expecting your business to fix everything that’s wrong with 2020 (if you’ve got all the answers, please speak up).

3. Customer Norway Phone Number Appreciation

Let’s revisit the concept of recognizing the role emotion is playing in purchasing decisions. Small businesses that rely on local customers have the ability to use the “local angle” in advertising messaging. Generally speaking, people are more inclined to support their own communities over major corporations. Some may even be willing to Norway Phone Number pay a bit more if they feel good about where they’re spending their money. Incorporating your business’s role in the community into marketing messaging can motivate. Consumers to do their part in supporting the local economy. Additionally, with a high percentage of people still working from home. More customers are looking to stay close to home when making purchases.


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