A Digital Marketing Dream

To understand the context and why of writing this article, I need to go back a few months, so I can explain how I got here. I have always loved to travel, and this has always been my dream and motivation in life. I had to start somewhere, so in 2014 I did a 6-month exchange in the United States, which allowed me, in 2016, to work at the largest sports exchange agency in Latin America. There, I had a lot of professional success for 3 years, until 2019, when I dropped everything and decided to throw myself on a new adventure: Canada. It was almost 3 years living and studying there. An incredible experience of growth in personal buy phone number leads, fluency in English.

Knowing the Brand

Now that you know a little about me, I want to show you more about my work. During the 4-month course at Harve, 11 modules were presented, each with a specific area within Digital Marketing. In addition, the presentation of a final course project was proposed, and that’s when. I started to add everything I learned, to what I see myself doing in the future as a professional in this area of ​​Digital Marketing. I needed a trade, store or establishment. That still didn’t have a visual identity and a well-designed growth strategy. And that gave me the opportunity to work with the brand. And could add my knowledge to its product or service.

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No company grows without goals

After understanding more about the brand, we designed some SMART GOALS for this year, 2022. Where I sought to implement goals, in which I, as responsible for the brand, would be working on top to be able to deliver work with expressive results. With that, we set 5 goals: Grow in sales: grow 20% of monthly revenue of R$-; Increase the number of customers: in Brazil, 5 more new decoration stores; Grow and increase Instagram engagement: Despite the number of followers, engagement is low. Creation of a question DV Leads, customer interaction, questions with answer options, etc; Creation of an e-commerce: to facilitate and increase sales for B2C; Brand Branding: until October.

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