8 Follow-up Emails After No Response

Good email writing takes patience and practice. Sending an effective message is a difficult task to do. Still when following up, you might want to pull all your perks and perks out of pocket to get an answer. Sending a follow-up requires excellent attention to detail to ensure that the email catches the eye of the recipient. You should be polite and keep following up even if the first time was not successful. However if your follows haven’t received any response. And it looks like you’ve tried hundreds of times. But nothing seems to work. We have some tips and tricks to share so you can get that long-awaited response!  Let’s start.


Why should you follow up?

It is essential to follow up on your request  Namibia Phone Number List  because it greatly increases your chances of receiving a response that you expected. Research shows that overall, 92% of responses were received after sending follow-up emails. Additionally, 55% of overall responses were generated ONLY after the 4th-8th follow-up email! If you gave up after the first attempt, you can now see that it might take a bit longer to get a response; However, you need to be patient, motivated, and goal-oriented to not give up.

Common errors in follow-up emails

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If you have not received a response to your initial email. This does not necessarily mean that the person is not interested. Instead there may be several reasons and explanations why this happened. Maybe the recipient was too busy, the email got lost in a variety of others. The person saw the email but just forgot to reply or maybe she’s been out of the office for a while.

The point here is that you shouldn’t give up so soon and keep following until you get some sort of response. Of course, if it’s negative, stop the chase immediately. Still, most of the time, there’s a really good explanation behind the recipients, and the previously mentioned stats speak for themselves – look how effective the follow-ups are!



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