6 strategies to add potential customers to your audience

In previous articles we were talking about what it means to have your own albania phone number for your business , we recommend different sources to grow that audience and we analyzed the most important dissemination channels, social networks and emailing. So, understanding the importance of an audience for your business, where you can get that audience from and through which broadcast channels you can contact them, it’s time to talk about what things you have to take into account to capture that much-desired audience.

Focus on quality and not quantity

As in many other things in life, the famous phrase also applies to the topic of your business audience: the important thing is quality (and not quantity) . It is not just about gathering and gathering people who subscribe to your emailing or follow you on social networks. Today the focus is on the level of interaction that these people have with your brand. For example, it is important that you evaluate topics such as: What percentage of your base opens your emailings? What percentage click on your emailings? How many visits did your profile have on social networks? How many likes, comments, shares?

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Explain what they will get by subscribing or following you

This is a basic point, but it is often overlooked. It is important to DV Leads the subscriber about what he is going to get by leaving his email or following you on social networks . It does not have to be something long, a simple sentence that makes it clear what the emails you are going to receive are going to be about: special discounts, news about new seasons, advice on how to use the products (for example, if you sell products for cooking, you can include recipes or if you sell clothing, you can send styling tips).

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