5 Things You Should NOT Forget in Your Content Marketing

For some time now, content has been talked about as one of the most outstanding business fax numbers list free of Digital Marketing. Jobs as online editor, copywriter, etc. they are beginning to be highly valued in the sector; so much so that more and more companies are investing in departments dedicated to content. Along with these positions and departments, there are even services that offer texts at reasonable prices.5 Things You Should NOT Forget in Your Content Marketing 1 5 Things You Should NOT Forget in Your Content Marketing Rivers of ink flow, or toner already in our days, about the best possible practices to achieve excellence in the field of Content Marketing . From different forums in the sector, different questions resonate:

State-of-the-art content marketing

Clarifying these questions is almost impossible. We are talking about creative and not scientific work. Therefore, it does not adhere to norms of nature that can be verified empirically. Noelle-Neumann already tried it with theories such as the “Spiral of Silence”, as did the theory of “The hypodermic needle”, based on Lasswell’s studies, and from which the Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels himself drank. His “experiments” on the influence of the media, a vehicle used by advertising and propaganda, are inconclusive, and are totally out of date with the appearance of the Internet.

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We already know the general objectives

But are there others? Does Content Marketing serve DV Leads or sales? Your client must win with you. If he doesn’t he won’t spend more on you. This is not because he is bad or stingy, it is because if he continues to invest in things that are not profitable for him, he will go bankrupt. Which is also bad for your interests of making money from it. Joaquín Lorente defends advertising as a purely commercial communication whose objective is to convince. Which defines his popular maxim: “If advertising doesn’t sell, it isn’t advertising”. Which could be translated into “Show me the ” from the movie Jerry Maguire.

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