5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your

Writing content that works for both website visitors and search engines is not difficult if you follow a few simple rules. By following these rules, you can ensure that your web pages will rank well on search engines and that your website visitors will like your pages. Here are five things you can do


Before you start: it’s about topics, not unique keywords

Modern search engines focus on topics, not single keywords. If you want to rank high for a particular keyword, you need to make sure your entire website is relevant  Jordan Phone Number List  to that keyword’s topic. It is not necessary to use all possible variations of a single keyword on your webpage (e.g. “cheap travel insurance”, “cheapest travel insurance”, “cheap travel insurance”, etc). Excessive use of your keyword in this way can even negatively influence page rankings. It is much more important that your website content is related to a particular topic. In this example, your various web pages should link to “cheap travel insurance”, “travelling”, “do I need travel insurance”, etc.


The more pages your website has that are relevant to a particular topic (and keywords related to that topic), the more likely your web pages are to rank high for individual search terms and keywords related to that topic. topic. .

1. Include the keyword in the title and in a header tag


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The web page title and header are strong indicators of the subject of a web page. If your keyword is included in the page title, it shows Google that you think the keyword is relevant to the content of the page. De plus, les titres de votre page Web peuvent vous aider à structurer votre page Web. Si vous incluez votre mot-clé dans une balise H1, une balise H2 ou une autre balise de titre, vous confirmez que la page est pertinente pour ce terme. De plus, les visiteurs de la page Web peuvent facilement voir de quoi parle la page Web. Il est très important de ne pas en faire trop !


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