5 Reasons Why Your Content Isn’t the Backlink Generator

When implementing a content marketing strategy, a key element is getting backlinks. This can be tricky for new marketers who don’t have ties to publishers and bloggers. Even marketers can struggle to get their content by influencers and high domain authority sites via backlinks. An SEO strategy is pretty much useless if your content isn’t performing well online. Some marketers attribute up to 80% of your SEO ranking is determined by content. What should a marketer do when other blogs and media just don’t interest you? If you want your content to be a backlink generator. Ghost Mannequin Effect follow these 5 simple steps for optimal SEO.

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Create Cool Content with New Ideas

If you’re not getting backlinks, it may be because your content is outdated. If you do your research, you probably come across the topics your competitors are writing about. And you might think it’s a good idea to write about the same things to become a backlink builder. The problem is that everyone does it too. Don’t write the same things your competitors write. Deliver relevant new content that makes sense to your audience. Avoid self-promotion. It’s common knowledge that most people don’t want to be sold. They go to blogs for information, not a sales pitch. In most cases, Google rankings rely more on links from high domain authority sites than on a large amount of backlinks. They generally take a quality over quantity approach to SEO.

High Domain Authority Sites Are Incredibly

Competitive, so if you want them to refer your content, it has to be original and well done. Researching high domain authority sites that you want your content to link from can help you generate new ideas for relevant content. Appeal to your target audience what if you’re writing new and interesting content and you’re still not a backlink generator? You may not be writing to your audience. If you promote your work to the right people, you share it with other websites that attract the same audience as you. if they aren’t using your content, you may not be writing for your audience.

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