3 Real Examples of buyer Personas

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is an annual electronic music festival and the conference takes place, as its name mentions, in Amsterdam. A survey called Survey Planet made through Facebook gave the building blocks to make a buyer persona with the following characteristics: Age 22 to 29 Active on social media Are you a student or work Been to ADE more than once He goes to ADE to listen to electronic music with his friends, find people like him who express themselves. Has a median amount of disposable income It is sensitive to ticket prices and spend on the website However, to be a true buyer persona, you would need to be more specific. Remembering again, a buyer persona should describe a person, not just a series of canada cell phone number.

Haparanda Tornio tourist information center

This tourism office in the twin cities of Haparanda, Sweden and Tornio, Finland needed a clearer digital marketing strategy. A business administration student at the Lapland University of Applicable Sciences worked with the tourism center to develop a persona as part of a new digital marketing plan. Buyer persona: Maria Suomalainen Born in Germany but lives in Tornio Age range between 25 – 34 years old and has two children travel with family Has a bachelor’s degree Use the tourism center website to find events, restaurants, places to visit and shops. She is dissatisfied with the tourist center’s dull social media, which lacks visual content and interaction with visitors Uses Facebook , Instagram

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What is a Brand Persona?

More specifically, a brand persona is a fictional character or avatar that represents the set of personality characteristics of your company, such as the attitudes and values ​​that your company expresses through actions, making your audience able to distinguish your company from competitors. Therefore, a brand persona serves to give a form to your company, so that it has its actions in order. To be clear, a brand persona is what allows your company to have a face. DV Leads company contributes to the world in some way, and that can be good or bad for your brand personality.

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