A subject that arouses your interest, and which makes you willing to spend more time on it. New features on Instagram, the rise of Clubhouse and the latest trends and research. We list the top 10 social media articles of 2021. Be inspired by trends, tips and useful infographics. 10. This is the best time & how often to post on social media [infographic] Social media activities continue 24/7.

But what are the best days and times to post on different social media platforms? And how often can you do that? This infographic will help you on your way. How often & what time post on social media 9. The social media trends for 2022: voice, metaverse & TikTok the new scapegoat What are the main social media trends in 2022? Sjef Kerkhofs (DailyDialogues) shares 7 striking developments with you.

For example, targeting goes back to the basics and in a new jacket (due to the disappearance of third-party data) and we can expect even more features for social commerce . People with Virtual Reality glasses in social media trends 2022 8. This is how you make power posts on LinkedIn [10 concrete tips] Do you always manage to get the attention of your LinkedIn followers with your posts?


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