17 Ux Design Elements That Impact Your Website’s Seo Success

User signals, along with your website performance metrics, can decide the fate of your pages on the SERPs. You can influence both by refining the UX design elements of your pages.

Just think of two online stores selling similar products at almost identical prices. An online shopper will choose one that provides information packaged in a clear and readable presentation, convenient navigation, is easy on the eyes with a clean design, and looks trustworthy.

The online store that fits the description above is where searchers most often end their search sessions. User behavior patterns indicate that this website helps people achieve their goals and signals search engines to rank its pages higher.


There is no need to explain further why UX is important for SEO. Instead, we’d like to help organize your website design and UX optimization efforts. Here is a list of the most important web page elements for SEO. Check it out and find out what features your website should have and how to configure them for better SEO results.

1. Text formatting

Your textual content must be relevant, useful and readable. Although many insist on the first two qualities, readability is more important than it seems. In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t read all the text on a page, even if it’s good. Instead, they scan it and focus on the most appealing parts.


Text formatting aims to help people Germany Phone Number  navigate information and find what matters to them. When done well, formatting supports text hierarchy and helps readers distinguish between primary and secondary content. The following formatting elements will help you structure your web pages and make them easy to read:

Formatting is not as easy as it seems


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Formatting is not as easy as it seems. However, this is only a problem when you are building a custom website from scratch. Selecting sizes for fonts and spacing requires a good sense of proportion. If you are using a CMS, all you need to do is select a ready-to-use template – all layout styles will be predefined in the professionally made design.




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